*~*HaliesBoy Forever And Always*~* (vserenade) wrote in loveforever,
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Love You

As the New Year Approaches, and many oppurtunities for us come about and give us that chance,I Just wanted to let you know How much I Love You and care about you and want you to be the mother of my Children, and want you to be my wife for all of time and want to be together for everlasting eternity.
I Love You My Beautiful Cinderella, you are the light of my life, the blood in my vains, the air that fills my lungs.. I Love You Halie Marie

Your Prince Charming
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It's been awhile since you wrote in this community adn even more since I have. But don't think I have for gotten about it. I hope your New Years is going well. ::kisses::
Halie Marie
Im happy to know you havent forgotten about it. it can be our little secret. You didnt really respond to what i said. But maybe theres a message in theose words im not deciphering yet. Porbably in the i didnt forget about it. I know that has to mean somethign special.... i think. does it? tell me. My new years is ok, but very very lonely. i wish i was the one you yearned to be holding you at the stroke of midnight, i dont even have the tv on to watch the countdown *Tears*
I Love You My beautiful Cinderella *Kisses*
Your Prince Charming