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*My Princess*

Today was awesome. It went Great. for us to have been that happy with eachother on the first day of the new year can only mean very good things are to come. Im listening to 99,5 i will get a song dedicated to you tonight (well again but still *Giggles*) and we will hear it together. I cant wait for you to call me, you should be calling any second now. Im so happy you didnt forget about this, its our little sanctuary. and that is a very good thing for us to have. It will bring us closer....Quicker... Now you cant forget to write in it though.. I Miss You. Immensley. I cant wait to hear your voice. and tomorrow, i cant wait to be held in your arms. I need a massage. Please. Ill give you one too... Ok ill end this here. Today was awesome, even though it was short. Lets keep this happyness between us going and rising to higher and higher levels every day.
I Love You My Beautiful Cinderella *Kisses* *Snuggles For All Eternity*</font>

Your Prince Charming
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